Computer Vision

Computer Vision (CV) is a field of artificial intelligence and machine learning that deals with how computers can be made to gain a high level understanding of digital images and videos and to utilize this understanding to perform tasks, make decisions and operate in the real world. Our team of artificial intelligence professionals aspire in helping organizations deploy intelligent solutions in comprehending and processing high-dimensional digital data. We are focused on delivering solutions with real impact through intelligent applications in various industries such as object detection for autonomous vehicles, crop inspection for agriculture, quality control for manufacturing and medical image analysis in healthcare.


The field of computer vision is growing at a rapid pace. At Optima AI we are constantly exploring opportunities to partner with industry experts to leverage our existing computer vision expertise and build on top of it to develop state-of-the-art intelligent solutions with business impact.

Computer Vision in Agriculture

The agriculture industry is no stranger to AI.
CV is transforming various aspects of this industry through
autonomous robots, AI solutions to grade and sort crops,
pest and yield detection using aerial and spatial imagery
and intelligent phenotyping to improve breeding crops.

Computer Vision in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is utilizing CV solutions in
quality control and package inspections,
predictive maintenance of machinery, barcode reading and
monitoring and improving the health and safety of the facility for
the people working there.

Computer Vision in Healthcare

At Optima AI transforming the healthcare industry and
improving medical research through intelligent solutions
is a task that is close to our heart. Currently the industry
is leveraging AI to analyze medical imaging in the field of
radiology. Computer vision applications are also increasingly
helping surgeons to visualize and plan their operations.

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