Existing Systems Analysis

Evaluating existing systems and discovering opportunities for deploying AI.

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Data Strategy

Planning to effectively harness data and unleash the power of AI.

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AI Roadmap

Identifying and prioritizing AI solutions based on business impact, costs, and risks.

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Existing Systems Analysis

Every AI strategy starts off by fully comprehending the existing realities within an organization.

We work with stakeholders to understand their existing processes, data, infrastructure, and goals.

Optima AI's Data Team will review all the data generation points, including uncollected data. We will evaluate your processes to collect, connect, store, and secure your data. Our goal is to make sure your data structure is well positioned for successful AI implementation.

The analysis will be presented and delivered as part of the envision document and will enable us to derive a customized AI strategy for the organization.

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Data Strategy

With the current advances in data science and big data analytics, a clear strategy for collecting, pre-processing, and analyzing data is a must. Often times a simple tweak in existing data collection and analytics paves the way to improve business efficiencies and uncover anomalies.

Today’s data storage and analytics landscape is overwhelming. Choosing the right data strategy and tools will help organizations prepare the foundation necessary for AI.

Optima AI has the expertise to help organizations navigate the fields of data science and big data analytics by creating and executing on a clear data strategy.

AI Strategy

Organizations will utilize the power of AI through a detailed and holistic AI Strategy. The strategy builds upon the Existing Systems Analysis to provide a clear roadmap for deploying AI.

The strategy will identify and prioritize various solutions based on their level of impact, cost of implementation, and potential risks.

The strategy recommends the appropriate changes and their corresponding impact to various processes, data, and infrastructure that will yield a sustainable and successful AI strategy.

The solutions within the strategy will all have a clear ROI along with a comprehensive analysis of their costs and benefits to the organization. The strategy comes with a clear roadmap for implementation in which the appropriate phases, budgets, resources, and timelines are identified and presented to the client.

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